Thursday, 26 September 2013

What do you know about the issue of religious extremism and militancy in Pakistan?

It is the most alarming and destructive problem facing by Pakistan today.
The Martial law of General Zia ul haq, brought a lot of issues to the country in which religious extremism, militancy
And sectarianism has brought us to stand in destructive point.
Many religious groups were formed and established by the government authorities, and were financially and
Weaponry supported as well, for the Afghan war against former USSR (Russia).
Shia and Sunni conflict was also introduced to the region by General Zia-ul-haq.
Lashkar-e-Jhangwi, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Lashka-e-taiieba, and Jaish-e-Muhmmadwere formed and established to fight against Shia’s.
In this conflict many Shia’s and Sunni leaders have been killed. So far every group has their trained and well equipped military groups who are used against each others.
These groups were further supported by RAW, KGB, ISI and Mao sad, to create law and order problems.
In 1904 the great Khudaie khidmatgar (servants of God) was established against the British Army in leading of Hazrat Bacha khan (R.A), but it was based on non violence philosophy.
In 1994 Govt. of Dr, Najeeb ullah (president of Islamic republican of Afghanistan) was crushed down as communist governance by Taliban and ISI as they further make Amaraat-e-Islamia Afghanistan.
Due to this act up to date 32000 innocent Pashtuns are killed in this war.

In Pakistan many young people are used in militant organizations for armed attacks and suicide bombers.
The main cause and factor is their young age.
Which is almost the population of Pakistan is based 54% of youth, and 15-25 years are the age in which youth are highly emotional and can be convinced easily for the miss use trough Brain washing.
Also in ours Madrassa’s the teachers discuss the topics of “Jihad”, “heavens” and the former glory of Islam in such a way that this youth want to do some thing wonderful for making history and been mojahid and becomes suicide attacker.
we can act a vital role in promoting peace not after getting trainings but even in present condition as well. Awareness can act an important role in the promotion of peace and in the development of societies.

As mentioned awareness can act an important role in promotion of peace and development of societies.
Awareness is light and unworn ness in darkness, so we will aware the youth to know that our state is first, or simply first of all Pakistan. We should to contain the influence of such elements and groups who create law and order situations/issues.
Who are killing our innocent peoples, who are using Maddrassa’s not for the teaching of religious education but for create militants and suicide bombers. Only awareness can brought positive change in our society and awareness should be the priority.

Safeer Khan Durrani

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